The Hittinger Lab

The Hittinger Lab strives to explain our research and other general scientific concepts to the public. Please click on the links to the left for more information, or please contact us for further assistance.

Following is a list of the current educational and outreach activities that the Hittinger Lab takes part in.

  1. The Wild YEAST Program has a citizen science component, and you can participate, too! Just visit the WildYEAST page to see how!YEAST Logo
  2. PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence)
  3. URS (Undergraduate Research Scholars)
  4. Wednesday Nite at the Lab
  5. The Larry Meiller Show
  6. The Wisconsin Science Festival (Emily, Quinn, and Christina are on this video featuring a new genetic diversity activity that Emily developed.)
  7. The Crow Institute's Darwin Day (Quinn Langdon is on the committee and will be the chair for 2014/15 academic year.)
  8. We give talks to brewing groups about yeast diversity.

Happy Learning!


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