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The Hittinger Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison trains scientists at all levels, from undergraduate to postdoctoral researchers. We are always looking for ambitious, creative, and self-motivated people interested in training in genetics, genomics, computational biology, synthetic biology, molecular biology, microbiology, bioenergy, biotechnology, and evolutionary biology. To apply, email us and clearly state why you are applying to our lab (form emails will not receive replies).
    1. Postdoctoral: We have multiple open postdoctoral training positions. Please apply by 18th September 2022 for full consideration. Candidates who attract their own fellowship or traineeship will have additional project flexibility. From postdoctoral researchers, we nurture and expect independence, creativity, and integrative thinking as you transition into your career as an independent scientist. Click here for more information!
    2. Graduate Students: Please apply to PhD programs in Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB), Microbiology (MDTP), Integrative Biology (direct admit only), or Botany (direct admit only). UW-Madison allows you to apply for up to 3 programs with a single application. Please carefully consider whether each program’s curriculum and funding model is right for your interests and career goals. If you are unsure, please email me! Candidates who attract their own funding will have additional project flexibility. In rare cases, we can also train MS students in Bacteriology, Botany, and Integrative Biology.
    3. Undergraduate Students: We mainly recruit students through the Undergraduate Research Scholar program, to which students apply as incoming freshmen or sophomores. Exceptional students are sometimes considered through other programs or for individual research opportunities. Most students begin research as part of the Yeast Exploration and Analysis Science Team (or Wild YEAST Program), gradually acquiring advanced and independent projects.
Legal: These are highly selective training opportunities, not job postings. Any job postings for technician or other support staff will be referred to by their UW PVL# with a link to the official posting. The training discussed above is contingent upon admission to the relevant training program (if applicable), funding and space availability, and the suitability of the candidate to the lab. Individuals from underrepresented backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply.