The Hittinger Lab

We thank the following people for their time and research in the Hittinger Lab:

Brielle James
Undergraduate Research Student

Heidi Tessmer (no image available)
Visiting Computer Scientist

Russell Mendez
Research Student in YEAST Program
Brielle Hard At Work   Russell

Qi-Ming Wang, PhD
Visiting Research Associate from the Bai Lab in China

Michael Price
Summer REU student from University of Montana Western

Sarah Wright
Summer RET - Teacher at Monona Grove High School
QiMing Michael Sarah
Jin Kang, MSc
Masters Graduate from Bacteriology
Mariana Lopes, PhD
Visiting student from Brazil - completed PhD in Brazil
Krystal Almazan, Lab Assistant
Jin Mariana Krystal
Bing Wang
Visiting Bioinformaticist
Kayla Sylvester
Research Intern
Angela Sheddan
Summer RET
Bing Kayla No image available
Daniel Rodriguez
Junior Undergraduate Research Student in Wild YEAST Program, POSSEE Student
Kevin Chen
Undergraduate Research Student
y1000+ Project
William G. Alexander, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Daniel Kevin Bill Chillin

Lisa Sorlie
Summer RET - Teacher at Bonduel School District

GLBRC Reporting on her successes

STEM Diversity program reporting

Cleome Bernick-Roehr
Undergraduate Research Student
y1000+ Project

Lisa Cleome  



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